NO SMOKING. All buildings and accommodation units are non-smoking.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the caravan park of any person at any time without stating a reason and has the authority to remove, or have removed, any person for breach of park rules. Management offers all care but accepts no responsibility for loss, theft, damage or injury to persons or personal property. Persons using park facilities and equipment do so at their own risk.

SPEED LIMIT: Within the Park is 5km per hour

DEPARTURE: On departure day sites are to be vacated by 11.00am and accommodation units by 10.00am. Late checkout may be available outside the Christmas holiday period but only after arrangement with management. Late checkout fee applicable.

AWNINGS & SHADEHOUSES & GARDEN FURNITURE: Awnings & shadehouses must be securely fastened when erected. Awnings & shadehouses must be removed & all other items including garden furniture, BBQ’s, bicycles etc stored inside when site is unoccupied for more than 24 hours. All items including garden furniture & BBQ’s must be stored inside when site is unoccupied. Drawbars are to remain uncovered. Tarps, tents, shadehouses etc are not permitted to be tied to trees.

CARS: All vehicles must be parked on the site. A second vehicle is allowed provided it can fit on the site. A maximum of 2 cars per site is permitted in the park.

VISITORS: Visiting hours are between 9.00am & 9.00pm and all visitors must register with management. The registered site-holder is responsible for their guests’ observances of the Park Policies & must ensure that their guests are registered.

Unregistered day & overnight visitors will attract double the normal fees which will be applied to the site-holders account.

FEES & REFUNDS:  A 50% deposit is to be made with all bookings. No refunds for early departures.

NOISE: No noise is to be audible to the adjacent site after 10pm.
ALCOHOL:  Responsible consumption of alcohol at all times. Underage drinking within the caravan park will not be tolerated.

BEHAVIOUR: Swearing, anti-social behaviour & unlawful acts including but not limited to; violence, use of drugs, theft, vandalism, abuse (physical or verbal), foul language, excessive noise, unruly behaviour, drunken behaviour & under age drinking are totally unacceptable & are not permitted at any time. The managers or their representatives reserve the right to withdraw any booking or require the eviction of any persons if in their opinion there is a breach of any part of this rule.

TRENCHING: Trenching around tents & annexes is not permitted.

PETS: No pet inside any caravan, cabin or ensuites. Please refer to our Pet policy for further guildlines.

POWER LEADS, WATER, GAS & SULLAGE HOSES: Unoccupied vans must not be left connected to services. Power leads & sullage hoses must be disconnected & stored & gas shut off at the bottle. Power leads must only be 15amp. Leads & hoses left connected to vans & services will be disconnected by staff.

WASHING MACHINES & CLOTHESLINES: Individual washing machines & temporary clotheslines are not permitted. Laundries & clotheslines are provided for your convenience.

SLEEPING IN CARS: Sleeping in any motor vehicle (with the exception of a properly equipped campervan) is not permitted.

TOILETS & SHOWERS: Children under 7 must be accompanied to the toilet & shower by an adult.

FIRES & BBQ’S: BBQs or heaters that require heat beads or any other type of outdoor heating is not permitted. Campers using gas barbecues should familiarise themselves with summer fire regulations.

MAIL AND TELEPHONE MESSAGES: Mail will be left at the office. Phone messages will be delivered to campers in EMERGENCY cases only.

SUB LETTING: Hiring your van out is not permitted. If others use your van you must instruct them to register their names at the office & pay the appropriate fee.

OWNER ONUS: Riverbank Caravan Park accepts no responsibility for vehicles & their contents whilst in the Park. It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment (particularly gas bottles) complies with all Government regulations.

RESPONSIBILITY: The registered site holder is responsible for the conduct & behaviour of all members of the booking. The owners reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any booking made for a person or persons or decline to accept any such booking. The right is reserved to require any patron to withdraw from the Park at any time if in the opinion of managers or their representatives, his acts, conduct or behaviour is offensive, detrimental or not compatible with the interest, harmony, comfort or welfare of the other Park patrons.

Emergency contact numbers:
Fire Brigade, Police & Ambulance: 000